10 Perfect Hairstyles To Try This Summer!

Everyone knows that it’s difficult to keep your cool in the Summer (excuse the pun), we understand your pain! We know how hard it is to find the perfect hairstyle for the summer without looking like a glorified potato, so we’ve given you a few ideas. Our #1st option is

Our #1st option is the simple, yet tasteful double French braids!

Double French Braids on @evalam_

French braids, also known as boxer braids, are an easy yet a classic hairstyle! Braids are the perfect hairstyle for Summer as they keep the hair out of your face and they also allow all of your face to be seen!

Although French braids are an amazing style to use once you get the hang of them, we know they can be difficult to master. Practice makes perfect! Check out this great tutorial by Carli Bybel:

Now that you’ve learnt how to French braid, you can now EXECUTE the following hairstyles with French braids!

#2 Mohawk Ponytail


French Braid Ponytail

This style is the easiest way to spice up a boring old ponytail, we plait the centre of your hair and then gather the plait and the rest of your hair into a ponytail.
This hairstyle is so fast to do and can be worn for any occasion, this style can be styled up even more with a few accessories but it also looks great alone!
Here’s an amazing tutorial showing you exactly to recreate this style:

As well as slaying red hair, Bodmon Zaid kills this look!

#3 Dutch Braid Into Spacebuns

Our 3rd braid style is the upside down Dutch braid into space buns, this is our favourite style but it’s also the most difficult!

Nina Starck

The first step of this style is to point your head downwards so you’re able to plait the very back of your hair. This is difficult if you’re new to Dutch braids, but it gets easier with practice.

You keep plaiting until you’ve reached where you want your buns to be on your head, tie the plaits with a bobble and then twist the un-braided hair into buns and tie it!

We suggest wearing this look to the beach to keep the sea out of your hair!

Follow this step by step tutorial by Nina Starck:

#4 Crown Braid

This hairstyle is a braid all the way around your head that forms a “crown”, this is how it looks:

Gal Meets Glam’s Crown Braid

This style is an elegant, yet simple hairstyle. This is perfect for the hot weather as it keeps all the hair off the back of your neck and your face. We suggest matching this hairstyle with flower head pins and a pair of earrings!

As the style keeps your hair off your neck, you have a lot more skin on show, this gives the hairstyle a sexy vibe but it can also be toned down by letting a few loose ends wisp at the bottom of your hair, add a choker or necklace to cover more skin.

Here’s a full tutorial to help you through this seemingly difficult style:

#5 French Braid Into Pigtails

We love love love this hairstyle, it looks like a high maintenance hairstyle but it really doesn’t take that long and it’s very simple!

French Braid Into Ponytails

Although there isn’t a lot to this hairstyle, it’s such an easy style to improve. Why not add hoop rings to the style for a exciting change? This is what the hoops look like, they’re perfect for upgrading a style:

Gold Ring Hair Hoops – Asos

Here’s a tutorial on the style by Stella Cini:

#6 Pull-Through Braid Bun

Most of the looks from now on will be up do’s, such as buns with braids!

We know the struggle when it comes to keeping the hair up and out of the way whilst trying to still look stylish!

We bring you


Pull-Through Braid By AnnieForgetMeKnots

This bun is focusing solely on the pull through braid to execute the full look, for that we’ve provided a tutorial by @AnniesForgetMeKnots

She makes this style look so easy in a step by step tutorial!

We’d recommend stylish this bun with light or no makeup, to add to the simple and delicate style. Let your natural beauty show with this hairstyle!

#7 Low Rolled Updo

This look is completely effortless! It’s such a simple look to do, but it gives the high maintenance impression.


Quick Twisted Updo

This look is beautiful especially with accessories such as head pins above the bun! We also recommend a flower crown if you have one ready, if not it still looks beautiful without!

Here’s a tutorial by @BlondieLoxHairstyles:

On this tutorial she styles the look up slightly with back combing, you don’t have to add backcombing to this but if you want a more high maintenance look then go ahead!

#8 Double Braided Updo

This hairstyle consists of French braids, which are also called, cornplaits. We learned how to French braid in the first section of the blog so this hairstyle should be easier to understand!

Double Braided Updo – AnnieForgetMeKnots

This is such a beautiful hairstyle that we don’t recommend adding any accessories to the style or it will cause the look to be too much!

The look itself will turn heads at the beach.

Here’s another tutorial by the amazing @ AnniesForgetMeKnots!

She always provides such easy and explained tutorials and her looks are always perfect to the last detail.

#9 Milkmaid Braid

Our next hairstyle is a blast from the past, we’re trying out the milkmaid braid next. That were worn by, you guesses it, milkmaids!


Milkmaid Braid

This look, again, is stylish itself and adding accessories would overpower the look too much!

If you were going to add any accessories you could try a necklace or choker to complete the look!

You could add bangs in front of the braid, just like Amanda Faye did on her tutorial!

#10 Warrior Braids

Finally, we have our last hairstyle, the warrior braids! The braids make you look stylish and prepared.


Warrior Braids

This hairstyle does work a lot better with quite thick hair, your hair doesn’t have to be long, but it does look good in both long and short hair!

Style this look with head pins in between the gaps of the plaits, this gives the style a much more girly look but the braids are pretty enough without the slides too!

Here’s a tutorial for the warrior braids by Miranda Hedman: