Discover the 13 DIA Light Milkshakes shades


Shake blonde hair up with DIA Light Milkshakes! 13 Shades of drop dead yummmm!

What are DIA Light Milkshakes?

Put simply, your glossiest friend ever!

Give your client’s hair a sip of colour and luminous shine with Loreal’s top selling, ammonia-free DIA Light Milkshake Shades.

This  13-shade line is packed with high level, cool shades that allow you to completely customise each and every blonde who sits in your chair.

DIA Milkshake shades gloss, tone and refresh client’s hair in minimal time (only 2-10 minutes!), all through coluor balancing. Your client will walk out of your chair with bright, brilliant tone and high shine that lasts up to 6 weeks.

How to use DIA Light Milkshakes:

As always, use suitable disposable gloves.

To mix, the ratio is 1 : 1.5 e.g. 50ml tube + 75ml DIActivateur  6, or 9 vol.

Mix up your formula in a DIA applicator bottle or in a regular mixing bowl. Mix well until a creamy gel like texture is achieved.

Step 1: Apply to the root area on dry unwashed hair.

Step 2: Begin development time after application to the roots.

Step 3: Take through the hair using the appropriate lengths & ends technique

The formula should be left on for 2-10 minutes.

Which shades does the DIA Light Milkshakes range come in?

    1. 10.12 Frosty Pearl Milkshake
    2. 10.13 Golden Iced Milkshake
    3. 10.21 Iridescent Sorbet Milkshake
    4. 10.22 Deep Iced Pearl Milkshake 
    5. 9.02 Pearl Milkshake 
    6. 10.32 Golden Pearl Milkshake 
    7. 9.12 Iridescent Iced Milkshake 
    8. 9.11 Deep Ash Milkshake
    9. 9.01 Iced Milkshake 
    10. 9.03 Natural Gold Milkshake 
    11. 9.1 Ash Milkshake
    12. 8.11 Charcoal Milkshake 
    13. 10.23 Pearly Gold Milkshake


dia light milkshake shades


Do DIA Light Milkshake shades lift hair?

Milkshake shades will not lift hair, they are deposit only.

How long does DIA Light Milkshakes last?

Client’s can enjoy their luscious shine for up to 6 week dependent on washes. More frequent washing will fade colour faster.