Everything you need to know about LOreal DIA Light

The ultimate tubes of any imaginable tone! You name it, DIA Light can tone it! Let’s take a look at the range…

What is L’Oreal DIA Light?

Loreal DIA Light is the first acidic tone-on-tone colour! it creates glossy, luminous reflections and mirror shine whilst respecting the integrity of the hair. The tones are natural and elegant, gradually fading away over washes.

DIA Light is the ideal product for coloured/lightened, weakened hair or for those who just want to gloss their natural locks and achieve a red carpet finish.

It’s the perfect product for offering a colour refresh and revive, or a top up of colour vibrancy in between permanent colour services. The fast development time also makes it ideal for clients with busy lives that are short of time. With the DIA Light technology, and with over 40 shades, truly personalised colours can be created, tailored 100% to your client.

dia light process

Does DIA Light cover white hair?

DIA Light is a depositing tone only product. There is zero coverage of white/grey hair and zero lift.

How do I use Loreal DIA Light?

As always, use suitable disposable gloves.

To mix, the ratio is 1 : 1.5 e.g. 50ml tube + 75ml DIActivateur  6, 9 or 15 vol.

Mix up your formula in a DIA applicator bottle or in a regular mixing bowl. Mix well until a creamy gel like texture is achieved.

Step 1: Apply to the root area on dry unwashed hair.

Step 2: Begin development time after application to the roots.

Step 3: Take through the hair using the appropriate lengths & ends technique

The formula should be left on for up to 20 minutes, depending on below.

dis light processing

Exception: Development time can be extended to up to 30 minutes in the case of virgin hair (asking subtle gloss only)

IMPORTANT: If left on longer than the recommended development time results may appear 1-2 shades darker than desired

When time is up, gently emulsify to remove formula from the scalp. Add a few drops of warm water and keep on emulsifying. Rinse well, until water runs clear, then towel dry.

How long does DIA Light last?

Generally, the Loreal guide states that the results last up to 4 weeks, however this is dependant on the amount of times your wash your hair. The more frequent you wash, the faster it will fade.

Hairdresser quote: “I’ve found that DIA Light lasts for as long as you leave on the hair e.g. if it is left on a client for 10 minutes, it will last for 10 washes and so on.”

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