Everything you need to know about LOreal Majirel

What is LOreal Majirel?

LOreal Majirel is a rich, permanent hair colour that treats the hair whilst colouring due to its advanced technology with IONÈNE GTM and INCELL, for hair that stays healthy with glorious colour. Expect strength and shine,  long-lasting results and perfect grey coverage every time.

With over 100 shades, LOreal Majirel can be tailored to create a bespoke colour for every client. The highly advanced Majirel technology allows colour creating power to take on a new dimension. Majirel introduces the ultimate technology in colour – a unique alliance between Absolute colour, Absolute care and Absolute confidence.

Are there different ranges or LOreal Majirel?

As well as the standard Majirel range, there is Majirel Cool Cover, Majirel High Lift, Majirel Mix, Majicontrast and Majirouge.

What is the advanced technology in LOreal Majirel?

Hair fibres are treated with 2 complementary active care ingredients: IONÈNE GTM and INCELL.

ACTIVE CARE IONÈNE GTM creates incredible shine, and protects the surface of the hair.

ACTIVE CARE INCELL reinforces the Cuticle, intermediate zone. Improving porosity, shine and protection.

ACTIVE CARE IONÈNE GTM treats the Cortex in depth (heart of the hair).

How do I mix Loreal Majirel?

Wear suitable single use gloves.

Mix Ratio 1 : 1.5

1 tube 50g with 75mls Loreal Crème Oxydant (20 or 30 volume)

Mix until a smooth creamy texture is achieved.

Which Oxydant should I use?

Majirel is best mixed with LOreal Creme Oxydant.

20 VOLUME (6%)

  • Darken natural hair
  • Colour level on level
  • Lighten up to 1 level
  • Lighten up to 2 levels
  • Covering over 70% white
  • Length & end techniques

30 VOLUME (9%)

  • Lighten up to 3 levels
Exception:on natural levels 1 to 3, 20 volume lightens 1 level and 30 volume lightens 2 levels.

For more info visit LOreal UK.