Our Top 5 Damaged Hair Treatment Product

Struggling to manage your super damaged hair? Don’t worry so are We thought we’d share with you products that we found helped with our severely damaged hair. Bonacure Repair Rescue Bonacure repair rescue is perfect for those with split ends, if you struggle with split ends regularly, like we…

Bonacure Repair Rescue


Bonacure repair rescue is perfect for those with split ends, if you struggle with split ends regularly, like we do (those late-night showers and quick plaits definitely took a toll on our hair).

Apply this before bed or even after a bath or shower, this helps to keep your hair strong and protected through the night whilst also protecting it throughout the next day too. We wouldn’t recommend putting it on before going out, especially not putting a lot on because the repair serum is slightly greasy, this is normal for most repair serums, basically, don’t lather your hair in this before a girl’s night out, unless you like the unclean look.

Indola Innova Repair Rinse Off


This repair serum is very good for those with hair damaged by bleach products (yes, yes we’ve been there too, don’t be ashamed) many of the reviews for this product state that it helps a lot with nourishing dry and damaged hair. But a lot of customers also say it helps stop dandruff too, this is because the serum is used to nourish the hair leaving it clean and non-dry. Don’t be ashamed of your dandruff, we all struggle with this from time to time.

Find it here: https://haircoandbeauty.co.uk/product/indola-innova-repair-rinse-off-treatment-200ml/

Clynol Repair Rescue Treatment


Now we all use heat styling wands, is there anything easier than straightening your hair when you’re having a bad hair day, I think not, also who wants long wet hair dripping down your shirt? Yeah, nobody.

Although it’s super easy to out heat protection treatment before using heat tools, we all know sometimes we don’t have time for that. So to ensure that your hair is not completely damaged, we recommend Clynol hair treatment, it’s perfect for hair damaged by heat styling. Curling iron and straighteners aren’t the best way to style your hair as it burns the hair as well as snaps your hair. There are so many more options to curl your hair without heat, for example, plaiting your hair and leaving it in overnight creates heatless waves. You should also think about putting the rescue serum on before plaiting your hair because plaiting your hair can also slightly damage it.

Find it here: https://haircoandbeauty.co.uk/product/clynol-repair-rescue-treatment-200ml/

Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment


If you struggle with tangled hair, this treatment is perfect, it detangles and nourishes the hair all while ensuring the hair the hair is left stronger than before, meaning even if it does tangle it’s harder for it to break. Yes we know some days you’re in a rush, and dragging a brush through your tattered hair is the least of your worries, but we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

It leaves the hair soft and silky, which is great when your hair is suffering.

Find it here: https://haircoandbeauty.co.uk/product/goldwell-rich-repair-60-second-treatment-500ml/

Osmo Berber Oil


If you struggle with your hair being far too dry and straw, you’ll find this product so much more helpful if you understand that oil is the most necessary solution to dry straw like hair.

Osmo Berber Oil helps to keep the hair soft and protected without making it greasy, if you struggle with overly damaged hair, this is one of the best ways to treat your damaged hair. Oil for the hair is amazing when it doesn’t make your hair really crazy.

Find it here: https://haircoandbeauty.co.uk/product/osmo-berber-oil-hair-treatment-argan-oil-100ml/