The biggest hair trend in 2017?

There have been plenty of ups and downs in 2016 with the deaths of some of our favourite celebs, but 2016 was possibly one of the best years for hair in a long time.

We saw a lot of braids (mainly fish tails) and more than a few short blunt bobs. But who are those who are going to front the new styles of 2017? Well speaking from opinions of the expert stylists of L.A., it looks as though the style that’s going to take the year by its horns is going to be Icy silvery white hair colour, with almost any style.

Although the colour may be relatively easy to achieve, the forerunners are going to be Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams and Taylor Swift. They have all been spotted late in 2016 with icy silver tones in their hairs showing that this definitely could be the big trend for 2017.

‘Whether you’re craving a dramatic change or looking to establish a signature look, it’s important to understand your hair type and texture’ we at Hairco & Beauty are believers in the fact that you must understand your hair texture to achieve the greatest possible look, once you understand this you can be on your way to achieving perfection.

BIG TRENDS coming in 2017 are possibly going to be styles including, voluminous curls, plaits and braids will continue to rise. Although those styles vary massively from wet hairstyles from what we’ve looked at, it’s definitely possible for wet styles to gain a lot of momentum.

Speaking of haircuts, cuts that will