Treat yourself on Valentine’s Day: Lockdown Edition

Whether you’re single or taken, treating yourself is always a must, and we cannot think of a better time to do so!

It’s usually easy to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day; you can pop to get your nails done, have a spa day, get a blow-dry, the options are endless. This year is a little different, but don’t threat, there are plenty of ways to feel amazing and treat yourself on Valentines’ Day whilst in lockdown too!

1. Pamper yourself 

Where to even begin with this one! Let’s start from the top, down!

HAIR! Get yourself a luxuriously rich hair mask and slather it on! Who doesn’t feel a million pounds when their hair is beautifully soft and healthy!

How about a V’Day colour upgrade? Is your hair looking a bit tired? Tone it! Or, how about adding a pop of semi-permanent pink? We are here for the results!! Tag us in any Valentine’s colour upgrades on social media!

Speaking of hair, how about the hair on your face… no we’re not talking about that tash!! BROWS! I don’t know about you but we are looking a little bushy and patchy! Why not treat yourself to a brow tidy up and a tint!

Where there’s brow tint there’s lash tint! Lengthen the look of those lashes as if by magic! We started tinting during lockdown 2.0 and we’re never going back!

We were going to talk wax, but let’s be honest, pampering and waxing isn’t a match! Save the pain for another day!

Next up! Face masks! Are you a mud person, a bubble babe, a sheet kinda gal? Whichever your favourite, treat your skin! We love to put a mask on whilst having a bubbly bath or while watching our favourite TV show! You do you! It’s your day!

If you’re lucky enough to live with a partner or friends, maybe if you ask nicely they will give you a foot massage and paint your toes! If not, you can do it yourself! Having a fresh, shiny coat of polish on our hands and feet can make you feel invincible! Shop everything you need to give yourself a Valentine’s Mani, Pedi HERE.

2. Do absolutely nothing! 

There’s so much talk of doing so much, but how about just stop and relax! We all need to rest! Take a nap! Take a long bubbly bath! Scroll Instagram. Or take a walk! Maybe you relax by playing a game or doing a puzzle? Whatever it is that makes you happy, chilled and stress free.. DO IT! This is the ultimate treat!

3. Have a date with your fave celeb

Ok, so not literally, we can’t go out for a date with anybody right now, let alone Chris Hemsworth, but we can binge watch the films of our fave celebs! Get under a cosy blanket, make some popcorn and get some greats on!

If you’re not in lockdown with your partner or you want to share a movie day with friends, why not schedule to watch a film together! There are plenty of services offering ‘watch together’ features! This way you can chat and enjoy the movie as if you were together! Lockdown + long distance ain’t gonna to slow us down this V’DAY!

4. Indulge a little (or a lot)

Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day with your favourite food! Whether it’s a takeaway you love, or that box of chocolates you never buy for yourself. This weekend, say yes!

5. Go on a shopping spree

Is there anything you’ve been eyeing up online? Treat yourself! It can be a Valentine’s Day present, from you, to you! You deserve it!

5. Have a virtual date 

Maybe you’re missing a special somebody, or a whole bunch of people! Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get on a Zoom/FaceTime/Skype with them!