Wella profesional Products: ECO-ETHICAL PACKAGING

We love to hear that brands are making a step in the ethical, sustainable direction, lets take a look at Wella and their eco-ethical movement.

Wella Professional Products Packaging

  • Wella colour Tubes – The tubes of all Wella Professionals’ colour; Color TouchKoleston Perfect ME+ and Illumina Color, will now be fully recyclable and made of 100% recycled aluminum, which will avoid the use of over 700 tons of virgin aluminum each year.
  • Wella colour tube Caps – The caps for the above product lines will now consist of 91-100% PCR, which will avoid using over ~ 180 tons of plastic. PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled plastic), is plastic that is made from post-consumer waste.
  • Packaging – Using 85% recycled cardboard, Wella Professionals now avoids using over 950 tons of virgin cardboard every year.

Wella Professional Products Formula

Wella’s biggest colour brands Koleston Perfect ME+ and Illumina Color, are sold worldwide, and are free of animal derived ingredients; they have been since KPME+ was introduced in 2018. Wella are proud of the formula innovation for their most popular lines.

The Manufacturing of Wella professional products

Wella’s European manufacturing facility is in Rothenkirchen, Germany, they produce Wella Professionals colour. The facility uses 100% renewable electricity supply (100% Green electricity) and has an impressive 100% carbon-neutral gas consumption while also producing zero waste to landfill.

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