What’s the difference between DIA Light and DIA Richesse?

You’re an expert on DIA Richesse and Dia Light now, but how do the two compare?

What are the main differences between DIA Richesse and DIA Light?

Can you mix DIA Richesse and DIA Light?

You should not mix the two tubes together as they are for different functions and through off PH as 1 is alkaline and 1 is acidic.

Which product should I use on damaged hair?

When dealign with compromised hair, it’s best to use an acid based product with a more translucent coverage – resulting in a softer ‘wash’ of colour.

Which product will leave hair the glossiest?

Both will leave hair glossy. Use DIA Light for those who have previously coloured hair to add a glossy finish and use DIA Richesse on virgin hair or for those looking for a deeper tone of colour rather than a toner.

Is DIA Light or DIA Richesse best for blonde hair?

DIA Light is the suggested product when dealing with blonde hair, try out the milkshake range for the best blonde tones.