L'Oreal Dia Light 50ml

L’Oreal DIA Light Colour chart

We all know how hard it can be to get our hands on a LOreal Dia Light colour chart, and it can be even harder to find online when we want to have a quick nosey! So, just for you, Dia Light your heart out!

For more about Loreal Dia Light including how to use, and all it’s features click here.

LOreal Dialight colour chart
L'Oreal Dialight colour chart
L'Oreal Dialight french balayage colour chart
loreal inoa

L’Oreal INOA Hair Colour: The low down

No matter how many times you’ve mixed professional hair colour in your career, it is undeniable that sometimes, the chemical, eye watering whiff can knock you off your feet! If you didn’t already know, that charming smell is ammonia! 

Say hello to L’Oreal INOA, the AMMONIA FREE permanent colour! Your dreams of colour smelling like flowers and rainbows is about to become reality; well Kind of. 

But wait, ammonia is needed for the colour changing process right? Let’s have a little science lesson and find out. 

What is ammonia and why is it added to hair dye?

Without getting technical, ammonia is a colourless gas with a very distinct pungent smell. So why do we want stinky chemicals in our professional hair colour? Well, ammonia was discovered to change hairs PH level (the level of acidity). Human hair is naturally acidic, and a long time ago scientists in the hair industry determined that alkaline chemicals have the ability to open the hairs cuticle and allow dyes to be absorbed, and thus for hair to change colour. Since this discovery, and due to its availability and safety, ammonia was used in hair dye. 

Is ammonia needed in the hair colouring process?

We learnt above that we need to open the hair cuticle and penetrate the hair; ammonia is not the only chemical/material that can do this. In fact, any alkaline 

Is no ammonia hair dye effective?

The quality and durability of ammonia free hair colour can vary. When products first started appearing on the market years ago, many clients found that their colour faded quickly because the colour was not fully infused into the cortex. This meant that ammonia-free hair dyes were mostly semi or demi permanent.

Then, a decade ago, L’Oréal Professionnel brought out their innovative, no ammonia INOA hair colour collection.It used pioneering technology to replace the use of ammonia. Instead, INOA uses a unique oil delivery system, where oils are literally used to deliver the hair colour to the fibre.

How does Loreal INOA work?

The process is actually quite simple. The colour formula is blended with oils and applied to the hair via L’Oréal’s Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology. The pigments are then attracted from the oils towards the moisture in the hair’s fibre, and penetrate through into the cortex, depositing their colour right at the heart of the hair. INOA was the truly effective permanent solution that removed the need for ammonia in hair dye.

L’Oreal INOA Key Features 


Does INOA have a varied colour range?

Speciality, or newer ranges usually have a small range, but not INOA! Check out the colour chart below! You can create a personalised cocktail of colours with all of these! 

insight anti-frizz


In case you missed it.. we’ve got another win under ouR belt! We’ve won Hair Awards 2022‘s BEST PROFESSIONAL SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER FOR SMOOTHING AND STRAIGHTENING with INSIGHT PROFESSIONAL’S best selling ANTI-FRIZZ duo!

We won in the HOT 100, GO PRO category against some of the biggest names on the market!

We’d like to thank the Hair Awards 2022 and to all who voted for INSIGHT! We couldn’t be any happier or prouder!

The Winners 





insight anti-frizz conditioner



Talk to us today about stocking Insight!

hairdressing supplies

The hairdressing supplies you’ll need once you qualify

As simple as a list would be, the hairdressing supplies you’ll need will depend on whether you work in a salon or not, and the services you will offer.

In salon or freelance?

In salon hairdressing supplies you will need:

  • Shears/scissors – An absolute must have if you plan on getting any cutting done! Scissor prices vary hugely! It is best to invest as much as you possibly can for the very best pair and you will not regret the results you get and the years they will last! Cheap scissors will be useless after a few cuts and end up snagging at hair, causing more splits than a client started with! With time and skill building you will find you need more than one pair, you may want to add wide-tooth thinning scissors, blending/texturising scissors and all the rest!
  • Combs – You’ll want your own set of combs for all the services you intend to give e.g. tail comb for highlights a cutting comb for cuts and so on. Top Tip: brand your combs in a way you’ll know they are yours! For example, paint a little nail varnish dot. Combs are notorious at disappearing in salons!
  • Brushes – It’s always good to have a range of brushes you’re very familiar with. When you perfect a technique you can often find a new brush throws off your game! Yes we are blaming our tools here! Invest in varying barrel sizes, plus a tangle teaser, paddle and vent brush.
  • Foils – If you offer highlights you’ll need foils at your disposal. You may be offered to use the salons but they will often cost much more than buying your own. Check if there is an inclusive use of equipment before agreeing to anything/signing a lease for a chair etc.
  • Clips & bits – Depending on your services you’ll need an array of clips and pins. It’s always best to have your own and have lots of them because they LOVE to disappear!

Your salon should take care of the rest past these. That said, it is always best to test salon equipment and judge against your own preferred equipment. One of our wonderful freelancers is glued to her favourite flat iron, she insists it’s so diverse with styling she can use it for straightening, waves, curls, the lot! SO, we’ve covered the salon, let’s look at the extra hairdressing supplies you’ll need for freelancing.

Freelancer in a salon

As well as the above you will need a fair bit more working for yourself.

  • Colour – You will need to provide your own colour, unless you have an agreement with the salon that you will pay for colour from their stock. Ensure you have a good supply and always consult beforehand to make sure you have the colours you will need with you.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – You may need to bring your own shampoo and conditioner, again depending on the agreement you have with the salon, you may pay a flat fee to use all backwash equipment and products (this includes water usage). If you do have to bring your own shampoo and conditioner, ensure you have a varied range for all hair types you may encounter. It may be useful to bring some retail sizes too incase your clients want to purchase any from you.
  • Hairdryer – Having a salon standard hairdryer is a must for any freelancer! You will learn to love your hair dryer and get a feel for a certain grip and flow. Our recommendation would be to bring your own, but again, lots of salons will allow you to use theirs. Choose power and reliability!
  • Heated styling – Straighteners, tongs and rollers should be hanging out that travel bag! We are past they years of every client wanting a bouncy blow-dry! We’re seeing waves for days! If you can find a one tool wonder like your freelancer above, go for it, but we’ve personally never been that lucky! A variety of styling tools will always come in handy for every occasion and request. Invest in salon standard equipment, the finish will be better, the results will last longer and your equipment itself will last longer!
  • Gloves – Arguably one of the most important hairdressing supplies you’ll ever need. Nobody likes bleach burn or funky coloured hands! Without gloves your hands age faster too!

Freelancer at home

Assuming you don’t have your own at home salon and you have all of the above…

  • You’ll need to invest in a comfy chair for your client to sit in, nobody wants a hard kitchen chair up their back for hours! And nobody wants a backless seat; you may find it easier to work with, but your client will have a achey back after too long and won’t be happy!
  • Towels – Nobody wants to use your beauty and the beast beach towel form 2007 (sorry not sorry). Buy professional, premium quality towels with maximum absorbency and softness for enhanced customer experience and comfort. We suggest bleach-roof towels too or you’ll forever be buying new ones! Some clients may prefer to bring their own towels, particularly after covid – accommodate each client as they need.
  • Gowns – Let’s all agree, we don’t want wet clothes or stains after our appointment. Gowns are a must to protect our clients clothes.
  • Apron – Depending on your monthly shopping budget or your ability to colour over bleach stains with sharpies, an apron suits many of us. If you want to protect your clothes, BUY THE APRON!

We hope this has been helpful! Have we missed out any essential hairdressing supplies you think a newly qualified hairdresser would need? Let us know!

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prepare hair for summer



We all LOVE summer and we all love the sun, but summer is often cruel and harsh on hair! But, with a little pre-prep, we can prepare hair for summer and keep it as healthy and hydrated as possible! If you’re interested in strong, beautiful, shiny hair let’s speed this along as summer is coming in HOT…..

1. Color Refresh

We all want stunning summer photos to post online and send to friends. Fresh colour boosts confidence, and looks camera ready for that beach photoshoot! Colour should always be administered by a professional, please avoid box dying hair (particularly before exposing to summer) as box dyes are known to contain nasty chemicals that damage hair.

Colour tip: If you don’t like your hair too bright, go a shade darker in the salon as the sun will lighten a colour service.

2. Vitamin Sea Please

A balanced diet is crucial for hair health, but it’s pretty hard to to hit those vitamin goals consistently, day after day. Plus, not all of our bodies are power machines that can absorb and create all that’s needed. Adding a supplement such as a multivitamin can be the missing piece of the summer hair puzzle!

Top vitamins to prepare hair for summer, and general hair health: Biotin, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc. Start your vitamin boost early for max results! **It is always best to consult a doctor before drastically changing vitamin intake due to your own personal circumstances/health.**

4. Deal With Damage

Another trick to prepare hair for summer is to reverse current damage! Treat hair with INSIGHT Rebuild, our wonder treatment rebuilds hair fibres and seals ends after just a single use!

If you’re a salon and would like to offer Rebuild as a treatment please get in touch, we can offer full training.

5. UV Protection

It’s not just our skin that needs UV protection! The sun has major drying effects on our hair, and although we don’t see or feel the damage right away, it’s happening right under our freckling noses. Shield strands this summer with UV protection from our ANTIOXIDANT Range; carry our HYDRA-REFRESH hair and body water around with you on those hot days!

6. Fresh Trim

Freshly-trimmed ends will ensure hair is in the best condition to handle whatever summer throws at us! Chop, chop, time is running out!

7. Go Sun-kissed 

Nobody has time for touch-ups in summer! Low-maintenance, lived in colours work great when all your want to worry about is fun in the sun! Ask your Insight Salon for a balayage, root smudge over highlights, or root stretch ombre; all will see you through the season.

8. Protein Load

We all know our diet has a major effect on our hair health! Foods high in protein are packed with hair loving nutrients! If there’s one time to load up or double that dose, its pre-summer!

9. Go Natural 

Many of us can achieve natural highlights with sun exposure alone! If you’re in this lucky club, skip the hair colouring all together this year and focus on a natural sun-kiss! You can braid your hair to balayage believe it or not! Have you ever wondered why so many people plait their hair on holiday? They’re exposing different sections of hair to the sun for natural lightening; the result is a beautifully natural beach balayage look.  

10. Go Deep

If there’s one thing needed to prepare hair for summer, it’s HYDRATION! A deep conditioner that works for your hair type is a must! We suggest INSIGHT ANTI-FRIZZDRY, or DAMAGED MASK for ultimate quenching.

Have you found our tips to prepare hair for summer useful? Let us know via Facebook or Instagram, and let us know if you have any more tips and tricks for us!

no shows and last minute cancellations

10 Tips to reduce no shows and last minute cancellations

1. Develop a cancellation policy

Did you know you could be losing thousands per year from no shows and last minute cancellations?

Most of you will have a cancellation policy but rarely do you stick to it. Why? Because you think it will annoy or scare away your clients. When in fact, the only person losing out from no shows or last minute cancellations is you!

The best thing to do is have a very simple set of steps that are undeniably easy to follow.

What your policy may look like:

  • You allow your clients to reschedule appointments up until 24 hours before. This shows flexibility and goodwill to your customers.
  • You charge a fee for cancellations that are within the 24 hour time period set. This will be added onto their service should they book with you again. This may be £10-20 for cancellations when late notice is received, and the amount should be increased for complete no-shows. This will be sure to deter no-shows and is fair and reasonable to clients that respect your time.
  • Charging the no-show fee above and enforcing a deposit for future appointments if the client has previously cancelled or not shown up.
  • Firing clients that do not show up twice within a year. This is disrespectful to your business, and to your time.
  • Getting new clients, specifically those not referred by current, great clients, to pay a deposit.

Once you have chosen your specific policy that works for you and your business, make sure your policy is displayed for all to see!

  • You should have an entire page on your website dedicated to your cancellation policy
  • Display your policy on the wall in your waiting area/treatment area
  • Add your policy to email communications
  • Post about your policy on social media
  • Add a link to your policy on text message/mobile communications
  • Confirm verbally with any new clients and repeat offenders

Now you have your carefully planned cancellation policy in place and displayed for all your clients, what can you do to make sure it’s effectively implemented?

2. Get confirmation

Call each client the day before their appointment to confirm they are still able to attend. Or to save time, automate texts, reminding clients of their appointment and offer a response that allows cancellations (some people don’t like letting people down face to face/on the phone.

3. Take a deposit

Taking a deposit can feel daunting at first, but securing deposits means there will be less risk of no shows, and you will also be compensated for your time should the unfortunate event occur. Adding a deposit scheme also adds an element of value to yourself or your business; it demonstrates that your time and expertise is worthy of needing such up front measures.

Top tip: Radiate confidence, and talk as a matter of fact. Your services are worthy, your time is precious and you are an expert that demands your craft is highly valued.

If a client questions your deposit scheme, simply and calmly explain this is the only way to reserve their chosen time with you. (No need to explain about losing money or any other nitty gritty).

4. Stay strong with your cancellation policy

This is usually the biggest hurdle! Crumbling when somebody breaks the policy, you become fearful that enforcing your measures will scare away clients. But, clients that break policies are not respecting your time and do you really want them as a client?

You will know when you feel like clients are wasting your time or when they are genuine. Of course there are always reasons and circumstances that none of us can control where we need to cancel late or not show up. Follow your gut, but stay firm and consistent too!

Making exceptions for very frequent customers may be the only exception for this rule as our best customers are our VIPs, however after some slack, make sure you enforce that this is only for a single time before further measures are to be taken.

5. Prepay

When you’ve paid for something, there is no way you will not show up!

I can already hear you questioning why would anybody prepay for an appointment, but how about giving clients a reason to! Offer 10% off when an appointment is prepaid for example, or throw in a free service such as a blow dry.

This strategy helps to eliminate no shows, builds loyalty with customers, and gets clients booking in more frequently.

6. Do some research

Is there a particular day or time that is more common for no-shows or cancellations?

Ask your clients when is the best time for them, perhaps your opening hours are out of reach for many.

Ask about clients jobs when they are in your chair, getting an idea of their potential schedule e.g. 9-5 is a great indicator of when is best for their appointments.

Knowing your clients is critical to reduce no shows and last minute cancelations!

7. Your schedule

After carrying out your research, you may consider changing your schedule to match more closely with your clients if this works for you.

However, once you set schedule that meets your own needs and the needs of your clients, it is important to stick to this. You need healthy boundaries with your clients, and they need to know they can not dictate your schedule as and when they are free. Your time is precious and you set our the hours you are willing to share, these need to be respected.

8. Booking

If an appointment is taken over the phone and you hear any hesitation in your clients voice over a time/date, offer another appointment. It is likely the client cannot do that time but will try to make it work i.e. be a likely cancellation later on. make sure your clients sound happy and confident they can attend.

Offer appointments as early as possible. schedule within a week or two where possible as clients that book far in advance tend to forget, or make clashing plans. This is very important with new clients that do not have loyalty with you yet. If another appointment comes up sooner elsewhere, they are likely to cancel.

Note: When you appear to be accommodating, and able to fit/squeeze people in as soon as possible, customers feel valued as if you are doing them a favour.

9. Personalisation

We all know personalisation is king! Remembering names, kids, events, holidays etc that your clients are attending is a great way to build your relationships. Of course you are not super man/woman and your brain can only hold so much, try some client notes! We know of a stylist that has a spreadsheet on her phone and she jots down key points and notes they have discussed in each session. When you client feels like you are taking and interest and can remember life events, they will feel special, and valued.

When you have greater relationships with clients there will be a significant reduction of no shows and cancellations.

More ways to stay in touch with clients and build on your relationship:

  • Use an email marketing service to update clients with news or offers (always personalise emails with names- this can be done automatically in programmes such as Mailchimp)
  • Send messages over holidays e.g. Merry Christmas and good wishes etc.
  • Personalise offers to clients e.g. a Birthday offer (Mailchimp and other email apps/platforms can automate these offers for you)

10. Praise Prasie Prasie

Nothing can reduce no shows and last minute cancellations like praising your clients for being fantastic.

When your clients show up early, or on time, always thank them and tell them they’re so great for always being so timely and respectful.

Offer your best customers rewards! Add a loyalty scheme where their 5th or 10th appointment is 50% off etc. Rewarding loyalty is appreciated and will ensure great communication and reduce any no shows/cancellations.

hair dryers

We’d love to know if you’ve tried out any of our no shows and last minute cancelations tips!

Is there anything that we haven’t mentioned that you would like to share with the industry?

Let us know! Comment below, or send us message on Facebook or Instagram.

L'Oreal Blond Studio 9 Levels Lightening Powder 500g

NEW: L’Oreal Blond Studio Multi Techniques 9

L'Oreal Blond Studio 9 Levels Lightening Powder 500g

NEW: L’Oreal Blond Studio Multi Techniques 9

Your clients can’t go blonder than ever before with Blond Studio 9! Introducing L’Oreals’s first 9-level lightener powered by oil for the strongest and most neutralising lift within the Blond Studio portfolio.

With blonding services dominating in salons by 54%, it’s time to say goodbye to compromise. You can now reach even more clients with this multi-technique lightener designed to achieve maximum lift on the darkest bases.

Blond Studio 9 is a perfectly engineered tool to fulfil any and all blonde desires.

Blond Studio 9 provides a high-performance formula, fast take-off, optimal adherence, creamy texture and perfect neutralisation.

Ideal for extreme transformation.  

To be used exclusively with the Blond Studio 9 Oil-Developers and L’Oréal Professionnel Aluminium Foil.


Up to 50 min : depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser. Total service time may vary.

Wella Illumina: All you need to know

wella illumina

Wella Illumina: All you need to know

Wella Illumina Color; the unbelievable, versatile permanent colour which can do it all! It lightens, darkens and enhances natural hair colours, giving them a sheer natural result. 

Wella Illumina Color has been a global phenomenon since its launch, setting a new benchmark beyond any of its kind for natural colour. The astounding range not only performs colour wise but is also awarded for its light reflection and unmatched protection of hair whilst providing irresistible hair quality.

Wella Illumina Key Points

  • You can choose to blend or achieve up to 100 % coverage of grey/white hair with sheer results
  • Use Illumina a unique glossing service
  • Perfect first time experience for colour shy clients
  • Lifts up to 3 levels
  • All Illumina Color shades are intermixable to create a palette of colours that suites every clients and allows you to be a creative artist
  • Free of animal derived ingredients

The Illumina shades consist of a warm, neutral and cool colour palette.

Wella Illumina Packaging and Formula

Wella have taken steps to become more sustainable, this includes how they package their products and how they formulate colour. To learn more click here.

Wella Illumina in action

Wella Illumina Color – Colour Chart

47 stunning intermixable shades for unlimited creative colour results

Illumina Color: How To



Not recommended for mixing with KOLESTON PERFECT
For example: 60ml ILLUMINA COLOR shade +
Up to 100% grey coverage with sheer result 


12% Welloxon Perfect 40 Vol. 3 levels of lift
9% Welloxon Perfect 30 Vol. 2 levels of lift
6% Welloxon Perfect 20 Vol. 1 level of lift
Coverage of grey/white. Same depth or darker.



Apply the colouring mixture immediately from roots to ends.
Development time:
HEAT: 30-40 min/ + HEAT*: 15-25 min.


Apply the colouring mixture to mid-lengths and ends only: Leave approx. 2 cm free from the scalp. Development time: HEAT: 20 min/ + HEAT*: 10 min.
Root area: Apply colouring mixture to the roots.
Development time: – HEAT: 30-40 min /
+ HEAT*: 15 -25 min

Schwarzkopf blondme range

Schwarzkopf BLONDME: The Low down


Having the most delicate hair structure of all the shades, blonde hair is difficult to work with right? Wrong! You just need the right products. Colourists no longer have to worry, they can guarantee quality perfection as well as breath taking colour results every time.

Introducing BLONDME; powered by the Bond Protection System, the one of a kind products offer a completely unique colour range that is 100% adaptable to every client that sits in your chair. The BLONDME line consists of products that are both easy and ready to use, and let’s not forget the guarantee of perfect blonde every time.

Schwarzkopf Professional

There is no challenge BLONDME cannot overcome

In demanding situations you can always rely on BLONDME for superior blonde quality! Have you ever heard of a product offering 9 levels of lift with uncompromising effects? Well hello the most powerful lightener on the market – BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+!

Schwarzkopf ‘s premium bonding services include: 

  • White coverage
  • Highlighting
  • Lightening
  • Neutralisation
  • Pastel Toning
  • Deep Toning

Discover the Range

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+

Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ lightens up to 9 levels, enforces bonds within the hair fibre and provides advanced neutralisation.

It has a flexible mixing ratio (between 1:1.5 and 1:2.5), which means you can mix it to the consistency that works best for you. Processing time is 20–45 minutes depending on the desired effect.

BLONDME Bleach & Tone

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bleach + Tone Cool Additive is a tonal additive for both lightening and toning in one step and is suitable for bases 3 to 7. The cool additive neutralises upcoming yellow and gold tones even on dark hair.

BLONDME Pastel Toning

Pastel Toning for blonde tone enhancement or neutralisation of unwanted warm tones.

Pastel toning range include:

BLONDME Deep Toning

Deep Toning enriches pre-lightened darker bases or naturally blonde hair 5-8, ideal for low-lights and blurred roots.

Deep toning range includes:

Insight Dry Hair Shampoo 400ml

Professional Vegan Hair Care

We’ve all heard of Veganuary, but have you been taking part?

Last year, Veganuary inspired and supported more than half a million people from over 200 countries and territories to participate. This year has been even bigger! 

Of course these changes aren’t always just for January, more and more people are transitioning to the vegan lifestyle full time and are looking for salons to accommodate their new preferences. 

Take a look at some of our favourite professional vegan hair products you can have in your salon right now! 

Professional Vegan Shampoos 


If you’ve not heard of INSIGHT, you must be living under a rock! The cult brand jumped on the scene a few years ago and has been popping up in salons all over the UK since. 

Besides being vegan certified, INSIGHT are organic certified, cruelty-free, silicone, sulphate and paraben free, and fully sustainable. If you have eco conscious clients, INSIGHT sells itself!  

Our favourite vegan shampoos by INSIGHT are:






insight professional anti frizz shampoo

Professional vegan colour

It’s vibrant, it’s fun and it will always be one of our favourite semi-permanent hair colours! CRAZY COLOR

If you didn’t know, CRAZY COLOR is vegan and cruelty-free! 

It’s pretty hard to pick a favourite colour in the collection so here’s some fab results!

Wella profesional Products: ECO-ETHICAL PACKAGING

We love to hear that brands are making a step in the ethical, sustainable direction, lets take a look at Wella and their eco-ethical movement.

Wella Professional Products Packaging

  • Wella colour Tubes – The tubes of all Wella Professionals’ colour; Color TouchKoleston Perfect ME+ and Illumina Color, will now be fully recyclable and made of 100% recycled aluminum, which will avoid the use of over 700 tons of virgin aluminum each year.
  • Wella colour tube Caps – The caps for the above product lines will now consist of 91-100% PCR, which will avoid using over ~ 180 tons of plastic. PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled plastic), is plastic that is made from post-consumer waste.
  • Packaging – Using 85% recycled cardboard, Wella Professionals now avoids using over 950 tons of virgin cardboard every year.

Wella Professional Products Formula

Wella’s biggest colour brands Koleston Perfect ME+ and Illumina Color, are sold worldwide, and are free of animal derived ingredients; they have been since KPME+ was introduced in 2018. Wella are proud of the formula innovation for their most popular lines.

The Manufacturing of Wella professional products

Wella’s European manufacturing facility is in Rothenkirchen, Germany, they produce Wella Professionals colour. The facility uses 100% renewable electricity supply (100% Green electricity) and has an impressive 100% carbon-neutral gas consumption while also producing zero waste to landfill.

Products mentioned in this blog:

DIA Light vs dia richesse

What’s the difference between DIA Light and DIA Richesse?

You’re an expert on DIA Richesse and Dia Light now, but how do the two compare?

What are the main differences between DIA Richesse and DIA Light?

Can you mix DIA Richesse and DIA Light?

You should not mix the two tubes together as they are for different functions and through off PH as 1 is alkaline and 1 is acidic.

Which product should I use on damaged hair?

When dealign with compromised hair, it’s best to use an acid based product with a more translucent coverage – resulting in a softer ‘wash’ of colour.

Which product will leave hair the glossiest?

Both will leave hair glossy. Use DIA Light for those who have previously coloured hair to add a glossy finish and use DIA Richesse on virgin hair or for those looking for a deeper tone of colour rather than a toner.

Is DIA Light or DIA Richesse best for blonde hair?

DIA Light is the suggested product when dealing with blonde hair, try out the milkshake range for the best blonde tones.