How To Use Facebook To Gain More Customers For Your Salon

Let’s face the facts, it’s 2016 if your salon isn’t on Facebook, have you really got a salon? In this post we’d like to go over some Facebook tips so hot, you’ll think you’ve left your straighteners on!

Why is Facebook Important For Your Salon?

Facebook isn’t just used for photos of cute cats or a quick way to check on an ex! It’s also a really powerful marketing & communication tool for your business. Picture word of mouth on steroids!

Using Facebook For Your Salon

Ah, remember the days when you could post from your business page and everyone would see it? Or when you could have a profile and add friends as a business? Well, they’ve gone, and it caused a lot of outrage within the Facebook community. But Facebook had a bigger picture. They wanted to create the most powerful marketing tool on the internet.

Here are our top tips for reaching out to the best audience with a budget or without!

Stick To Your Brand & Audience


Each salon is unique! Your audience may differ from a salon over the road, so don’t just go off and copy their social media.
Let’s say you run a modern salon you should not go off and post a vintage photo and vice versa if you’re running a vintage salon. Your content should suit your audience. Before posting anything on Facebook ask yourself the following questions:

1-Does this suit my clientele?
2-Would my clientele be interested in this?
3-Does this suit my brand?


When it comes to content posting statuses like “We’ve got appointments available” are never going to gain you more followers. So what does work?


Posting tips that your customers can do themselves is a fantastic way to build an audience. A lot of salons disagree with this tactic as they think they’re giving away their “trade secrets”. Don’t panic, you can use small tips such as how to get the most out of your recent hair colour or how to stop your ends from splitting!


Nothing screams professional more than facts! Post facts from recent studies to show you keep up with the latest styles and trends. You can also mix tips & facts up!


Keeping your clients up to date with the latest news in your salon! People tend to like to know the ins and outs and latest gossip. Did you just promote a member of staff? Share it, tell your audience why they’ve deserved it!


Reviews from clients show that you can be trusted. Ask all of your clientele if they’re on Facebook and offer an incentive for them to post a review! Remember, always reply to your reviews. We like to focus more on the bad reviews, turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer is a skill!


Your team are the face of your salon. Introducing each team member in individual posts shows your potential customers who they would be dealing with.

To do this you could simply post a photo of a team member with a brief biography explaining their hobbies and interests and why they work in the industry. Don’t forget any qualifications and awards they may hold!


If you’re feeling really brave you could do a short Q&A video with your staff, video content is much more engaging than text or imagery!


As well as selling to your customers, you want to reward them at times too! Hold a contest for your customers to enter, using Facebook to promote a competition will allow you to get the word out about it faster and easier. Having a prize for your customers to win is a smart way to gain followers and draw their attention.

If you’re not feeling the giveaways go for a discount like “20{9ab53710ac5364cb10acb455d3188141668056cd4c5911ce021f030bd28ae5fc} off if you like and share this post”. Then select one or more winners from the group!


Facebook’s advertising works really well if you know your audience. You can select where to advertise and who you would like to target! You might have recently seen one of our ads on Facebook, these only display to workers in the salon industry. You can use the same tactic to target Facebook users based on their age, gender, preferences and interests.


The most important part of Facebook is to have fun! If you’re not enjoying it and you find it to be a struggle there’s a lot fo digital marketing agency out there that can help, obviously this will include a fee!